OncWell Integrated Cancer Centre

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Our Mission

    “Onc” is the abbreviation for “Oncology”. The mission of “OncWell” is to provide the best possible care of our cancer patients and help them recover well. Our Chinese name “安愈” originated from a Chinese lyrics written 800 years ago; it means “recover well”. 

Scope of Service

    Our professional medical team comprises of experienced clinical oncology specialists and nurses. We provide comprehensive cancer management from diagnosis to chemotherapy, radiotherapy (in selected hospitals), hormonal therapy and targeted therapy.

Holistic Care

     The backbone of our clinical service is modern evidence-based cancer treatment. We provide an integrated cancer care platform, maximizing the benefit of various approaches in different disease stages.



Suite 1601, Hang Lung Centre, Paterson St., Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.


(852) 3758 2050


(852) 3188 1456



Consultation by appointment

(Closed on Sat. pm, Sunday and Public Holidays)

Chief Specialist:

Dr TK YAU Specialist in Clinical Oncology

Visiting Specialist:

Dr KH Ng

Specialist in Clinical Oncology

OncWell Integrated Cancer Centre  

Room 1601, Hang Lung Centre, Paterson St., Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Tel: (852) 3758 2050